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The Smart Ball

At first glance, the Smart Ball’s vibrant blue color will surely turn heads and catch eyes. Yet, what distinguishes this unique tennis ball from the rest on the market lies within the fabric. The Smart Ball’s proprietary softness and felt ratio will protect players of all ages from developing common injuries like tennis elbow. By taking stress off your arm, they allow for more repetition and encourage faster improvement.

But what about Green Dot balls? Aren’t they softer? Yes, but they are too soft. The Smart Ball bounces exactly like a tournament grade ball so you can continue playing competitively while keeping your body safe. For those aiming to protect themselves from injury or trying to recover from stressed joints, these blue balls are the Smart choice to tennis. In fact, research shows that 50% of tennis players get tennis elbow at some point in their career, both competitive and recreational.

Since their release in early July, the Smart Ball has sold in the thousands while receiving 100% positive feedback on eBay, Amazon, and our own online store www.bluebol.com. The cheapest way to purchase your first can is directly from our online store. So be Smart, and protect yourself today!

Smart Ball Cans

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