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What makes a great tennis player?

Take any sport and its top ranked professionals, then ask yourself “why are these players so good?” The answer seems like it should be obvious but for some reason it’s really hard to put your finger on it. See, what makes a player so good is that they make everything look incredibly easy. So easy, that we often forget the level in which they are competing at. Think about Serena Williams. When she is hot there is virtually no one out there that can even keep up with her. She beats top-ranked players as though it was a practice match. But these are some of the best players in the world that she is up against, not your average court goer. So now, let’s take this thing that looks so “easy” and break it down into more tangible concepts.

  1. The best players hate losing. Obviously we know that people are competitive and strive to succeed in whatever they do, but it is how we respond to setbacks that dictates our future progress.
  2. The best players are perfectionists. To be a professional, you must treat the sport like your job. You must be constantly fine tuning every aspect of your technique, fitness, diet, and virtually everything that shapes your lifestyle.
  3. The best players are mentally tough. No matter how good you are you will always cross hurdles and face challenges that test your limits. In these moments, it is your emotional fortitude that defines how well you adapt to these circumstances. It is incredibly challenging to always remain level headed, but you are always in control of how you choose to harness that emotion.
  4. The best players are multi-dimensional. As with any sport or business, those who stick to the script and ignore the warning signs will always fail in the end. Players must always be adapting to the game and finding ways they can improve.
  5. The best players play big in big matches. This one is quite simple, yet ultimately the most important of the five. We never remember the second place finisher or the finalist, but rather those who take home the gold. If you want to be the best of the best, you must rise above your competition and define your own success.


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    Posted by Wendy Edwards Victor at 2016-07-15 13:55:21


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