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About Tennis Central | The Best iPhone Tennis App to Improve Tennis Fast


Tennis Central is the fastest growing mobile tennis app in the US. Our mission is to connect every tennis players around the world with each other to promote and to facilitate the game we all love so much. Tennis is a gift and Tennis Central is out to share this gift with everyone. Our suite of services are delivered via the best Iphone Tennis App and the best Android Tennis App around. With thousands of players nationwide, we strive to eradicate the top 3 problems tennis players face around the world. “No one to play with / Too expensive / Takes too long to improve” will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

  1. Maximize Time:  At the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, you can find players, send alerts, find courts, schedule a match, record and track your progress, set goals you will actually achieve, or simply chat with potential partners anytime. 2. Privacy Control: With a profile you can set to public or private, you are fully in control of who you reach and who can reach you. 3. Select Players and Courts, Connect & Play:   There is nothing worse than matching a competitor with a casual player.  We designed a customizable tennis experience where you can pick and choose players based on their level, their location, their status, their tennis aspiration, and even their job if networking is any of your interest.  4. Improve your game twice as fast for a fraction of the cost.  How do we do it, simply by giving you access to invaluable video instruction that significantly cuts the cost of improving and increases access to world class coaching! 
  2. We treat our players to some pretty nice perks. Some of our DC members met Andy Murray in person.  

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